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A farmer in North India can sell his produce on the NAM to a trader in the west or south based on price. This will make a signi­ficant difference because there is no state or national price. Futures exchanges poll to arrive at prices but it is not an efficient mech­anism.

  • The NAM allows states to have their own electronic platforms and they can decide on linking these to the national exchange.
  • Literacy and the knowledge of the’technology is another aspect of selling the agricultural pro­duce through e-NAM. A large section of the farmers, especially the small and the marginal farmers are either illiterate or poorly literate. Using the latest state-of-the-art e-Marketing platform is rather impossible or extremely difficult for them. Ultimately they have to depend on another set of middlemen- cyber agents or the electronic platform of the local commission agents who will exploit them.
  • Delivery aspect of the sold

commodities is still unresolved. Agricultural markets are not the virtual markets, as is the case with future markets. Tangible commodities are sold and pur­chased in mandies. How rice purchased in Ludhiana by a trader of Kerala will be handled at Ludhiana or in its trans­portation ?          RDa?p5S

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